Once we are free to meet as a group class, Awareness Through Movement classes will resume. When this will begin, you will see the notification of the schedule at the bottom of this page. Please sign on to our mailing list from the navigation bar to join our mailing list. The Awareness Through Movement classes, ATM, is usually conducted on the floor on mats, but sometimes on chairs or standing. The classes are taught by verbal direction, given in a specific order. This is designed to facilitate the learning of improved movement patterns utilizing the brain’s capacity for neuroplasticity. Most movements are gentle and slow, but can be progressed to quite athletic movements, depending on the capabilities of the class members. Traditionally, classes are on-going in order to allow the student to further progress. An introductory individual session is recommended if you join the classes later in the sequencing. In order to ensure individual attention, each class size is limited to 5-6 people. Classes are taught in a series of 8 sessions. They follow a sequential progression and I recommend one take the entire series to receive the most benefit. The same movement lesson is given twice a week so that if you are unable to attend your class, you can schedule a makeup, or you can take both classes that week if you would like to repeat the class. Keep in mind, the caveat of the restriction of class size. Classes can be purchased as a class card for all 8 for $160.00 or individual classes at $25.00 each. (If you have never taken an ATM class, and come in the middle of the sequence, you must take an individual makeup first class.)


Workshops follow the formats of half day, full day, or 2 weekend days. They are given periodically and fall into two groups. Costs vary, depending on the length of the workshop.

Workshops for healthcare practitioners range from specific challenges that their clientele might face, to their own needs of how to best function given their own individual difficulties that arise for them as they work.

Workshops for the general public will focus on one specific theme. Some examples might be computer sitting, running, low back pain, and walking.

Guest workshops for either group are also in the planning stages. Covered might be nutrition, diet, exercise, lifestyle coaching, or herbology.

Depending on class size at registration, workshops may be moved to a different venue in Hudson.


Mentoring is available to newly graduated practitioners to further their understanding of the Feldenkrais Method. Individual or pairs of practitioners can be accommodated.

Many possibilities of structuring mentoring sessions can be discussed.