Referring Professionals

Frania Zins is a wonder when it comes to reading the body and figuring out what is really at work when our physical selves go awry. I have worked with Frania on several pernicious problems that others couldn’t solve, and each time emerged with solutions and new insights into my particular situation. Frania’s work is informed not only by her over 30 years of experience as a physical therapist, but also by her many years of experience as a Feldenkrais and Gyrotonics practitioner. Frania provides many lenses through which to view what is going on in the body, making it possible to emerge from her hands on therapy and movement analysis with new insights and solutions to the physical problems we inevitably face. She has my highest recommendation as a well trained and creative practitioner. If you have a problem you’ve had trouble solving, Frania may well be able to lead you toward solutions.

Andrea Elliott

Elliott Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Frania is a deeply experienced and knowledgeable (Feldenkrais) practitioner. Blending her background in science and in the arts with years of experience in practice, she is rich in her understanding and in responding to each client uniquely. She is warm and compassionate and skilled in multiple dimensions. Whether you are on her table or in her classroom, you will be in wonderful hands.

Donna Blank, MS, CMA, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Trainer

Wholebody Focusing Trainer

Frania’s work is the epitome of elegance and intelligence. Her results are phenomenal. I consider her work the best New York has to offer!

Marcy Lindheimer

Senior Trainer and ABM NeuroMovement Practitioner, Director Anat Baniel Method Center for Children, NYC

I refer as many of my patients to her as I can. She seems to take a lot less time to heal my patients than other therapists. Whenever I encounter any complex or difficult rehabilitation problem in my patients, I insist that they see Frania. She is truly one of the finest, most gifted therapists I have ever known. Frania uses her combined knowledge of “traditional” physical therapy and The Feldenkrais approach to help my patients make a full recovery

Andrew Price, M.D

Sports and Pediatric Orthopedics, Peripheral Neuropathy Surgery, NYU Langone Hospital

I have known and worked with Frania Zins for five years. I have referred many (over one hundred) patients to Frania. The feedback has been consistently positive from excellent to WOW AMAZING. Their clinical outcomes excellent. I believe this has to do with Frania’s skills, her communicative style and grace. She is a true healer

Martin H Ehrlich, MD

Attending physician, Department of Family Medicine and Palliative Medicine, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

Count yourself lucky if you have a chance to work with Frania! She is an insightful Feldenkrais teacher, who is an amazingly effective and compassionate practitioner of the touch that teaches and changes peoples’ lives.

Larry Goldfarb, Ph.D

Feldenkrais Trainer, Founder, Mind In Motion

As a Patient Advocate I have – over the past five years-referred cancer patients, spinal patients and neuro patients to Frania Zins. All of my patients have thrived under Frania’s care. Frania is a gifted healer. She customizes each patient’s regimen. My patients tell me that they feel rejuvenated after working with Frania, and I am certain that is due to Frania’s holistic approach, depth of spirit and outstanding clinical skills. I think Frania is an extraordinary resource and I am so glad she is in New York.

Ken Schueler

Patient Advocate


Frania has single handedly changed the way I view my body and it’s movement. As an athlete she enabled me to finish an Ironman 10 days after I wasn’t able to run 1 mile and as a musician/drummer she’s changed the way I approach my instrument in ways that have kept me improving with grace and finesse as well as power and stamina injury free over a 38 year career. She is a gift to anyone who is dealing with any physical issues in addition to anyone wanting to avoid  issues in the future.

Van Romaine

Drummer/Producer/Composer/Musical Director

After a lifetime of riding horses and motorcycles, injuries from these activities have caught up with me. I went to Frania for relief from pain in pretty much all of my joints, especially my back, neck, ankle, and hands. Frania’s approach is remarkably gentle, patient, soothing, and effective. My joint pain was significantly reduced after the first session. My gait is freer and more balanced. My body is becoming happier after each encounter with The Magic Hands of Zins.

P.S. Frania is a lovely person.

Tim Casey

Artist, horseman, motorcyclist, tennis player, fisherman, birdwatcher, etcetera

I’ve been a patient for 10 yrs now. In that time, Frania’s helped me with sports and yoga injuries, fibromyalgia, neck/jaw/gut pain, and posture and alignment issues. When I first met Frania, I was slightly hunchback and had an injured rotator cuff. After one visit, I had tremendous pain relief. After several visits, I was no longer in pain and my posture was fixed. Throughout the years, I’ve needed routine pain management visits due to fibromyalgia. No one has helped relieve my pain more than Frania. Her knowledge of herbs and supplements is also top notch. Frania is a brilliant Feldenkrais practitioner, who offers the perfect blend of functional pain treatment and a science-based approach. If you’re looking for an intuitive healer who gets to the root cause of pain, look no further, you have found her.

Teresa K.

Senior IT Support Engineer

As a ceramic artist, past injuries and repetitive motion stress left me in pain most of the time.
After working with Frania, I experienced immediate and long lasting relief. She is a very skilled and intuitive practitioner. I recommend her wholeheartedly. She is the best! 5 Stars!
Liz Hamonn

Ceramic Artist

Frania has worked with many dancers and, biased as I may be (she is my mom!), it’s also safe to say that I wouldn’t be dancing today if it weren’t for help I received from her. Not only did she bring me back from several debilitating injuries, but she’s also taught me (or helped me teach myself as she might put it) how to subtly change my movement patterns which has allowed me to avoid new injuries. This has been essential work for me in order to keep doing what I love professionally, and I’ve heard the same from many of the dancers and non-dancers I’ve had the pleasure to send her way.
Andros Zins-Browne

Dancer and Choreographer, New York City

Frania quickly analyzes the cause of the pain/discomfort and in a soothing, relaxed setting uses her Feldenkrais training to relieve the pain/discomfort. Rather than simply providing “standard” treatments for particular injuries, she has provided an individualized program for me. She also has helped me to understand the inter-relationships of certain movements with my particular skeletal issues, so that I now stand, sit, reach throw a baseball and swing a golf club in ways that are tailored to reduce the likelihood of resulting pain/discomfort. In a word, Frania is a “godsend”. My family and I always have left our sessions with her, free of pain/discomfort. Over the years, I have seen her for a torn rotator cuff, severe lower back strain and neck pain. Each time I have been able to recover fully and in a short period of a few months. In addition to her professional skills, Frania is a highly intelligent, articulate and empathetic woman with a wonderful sense of humor
David Wagner

Tax Attorney

Frania brings a unique synergy of knowledge (both broad and deep), training, experience, and innate gifts to her work. This applies to figuring out the source of a problem that you bring to her, and then determining an effective way to approach it. Her touch says it all.

Sheila Sperber Haas, PhD

Science Writer

Frania is a deeply gifted body worker. Her Feldenkrais practice is intuitive and energetic, but also grounded in an encylopedic knowledge of the body and its movement and support systems. She calmly helped ease me through a dark period in my recovery from a debilitating sciatic issue.


Software Engineer

Feldenkrais has been a revelation to me. My sessions with Frania Zins have helped me immeasurably. I’ve experienced relief from the pain and stress of several old dancing injuries plus I feel more fluid and free in every aspect of my daily life.

Tina Fehlandt

Founding member of Mark Morris Dance Group Ballet and Modern Dance teacher and stager of Mark Morris's work around the globe.

Frania is extremely knowledgeable and has a gentle therapeutic touch that I found very healing. Not only did I leave every session with her relieved of the chronic pain I was experiencing, but I also gained an entirely new perspective on the source and cause. During our time together my relationship to movement and my body was totally transformed.
Jacy Barber

Artist and Costume Designer

I started seeing Frania 3 years ago; I am 80 years old now. Whenever I leave Frania I always feel better. I stand up straighter and walk with better balance. She is a genius at feeling what your body needs. The atmosphere is always relaxed and pleasant. I feel the stress leaving my body as I lay down on the table. If I have to miss a session my body is unhappy. I can recommend Frania without any reservation.
Trudy Orgas-Osborne

Retired teacher

I worked with Frania after back surgery. Her process of determining the true causes of chronic pain and then educating the body to move in a fluid manner was priceless. I was able to return to an active lifestyle after being told I would be limited due to my injury. She is a gifted healer!
Edward Menicheschi

Publishing Executive

When it comes to body movement, Frania is intuitive and accurate, a keen observer of the subtlest difficulty, the tiniest restrictive habit that can lead to injury. She can open your body to a lot more options for moving freely, efficiently and safely.
Plus, she’s totally fun.
Deb Geringer

Artist and Serious Horseback Rider

Frania is a treasure. She helped me when I was in great pain and confusion. Her combination of teaching, guiding and therapeutic touching launched and guided my recovery. She touched my pain with care and love while teaching me how to care for myself. She showed me ways of moving that I had forgotten and very much needed! You are in for a necessary treat when you work with Frania.
Susan Braham

Yoga and Massage Therapist

After injuring myself dancing, Feldenkrais lessons with Frania helped me move from a state of frustration and pain, to one of greater mobility and empowerment. Frania guided me in understanding the relationship between how I move, and the pain I was experiencing.
Laura Hymers


I suffered a serious injury to my wrist and hand a few years ago, and had lost much of the flexibility in my fingers and couldn’t put weight on my hand. After trying the recommended occupational therapy with little success, I came to Frania Zins, who had treated both me and my husband in the past. The progress was immediate and sustained. She was inventive in the exercises she recommended, and the sessions were actually painless. I don’t think I would have a usable hand today if it hadn’t been for her skill.
Diane Zimmerman, Esq.

Retired NYU Law School Professor